Enrique Iglesias Sexy Back

Everybody know that Enrique Iglesias is a sexy Spanish hunk singer. But from the beginning of his career I'm never see any single picture of him shirtless? I don't know exactly what happen, but I'm sure he had a smolder body. You wanna proof? just watch his sexy music video called Bailamos , his very first International debut single.
Maybe he was a shy person? I can take that but if you want to take seriously as good establish hit male singer, make sure you dare to show you beautiful body. I'm happy to know the fact that this men had been show his sexy body recently in his video, you can check his new music video, I'm forgot the title was but believe me its hot!
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Jonas Sulzbach Jerk Off Video

Mister Brazil 2010 Jonas Sulzbach getting naughty recently. I'm maybe late to informs this information but late is better than never. Jonas who competed at Mr World 2010 pageant representing Brazil caught showing his penis in webcam. Firstly he take off his polo shirt and showing his big dick proudly with big smile. Hmmm I wonder what exactly he think to know the fact that he was former Mr Brazil.

Jonas also known in Brazil as Big Brothers contestant, tough his was voted out at the very beginning round. In my opinion there's nothing wrong about this video, its actually a sexy video. I'm really love to see a men like Jonas willing to show his beautiful asset.

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From the picture shot above we know that he was chatting with someone others and assumed his "chat friends" who encouraged him to show his penis. My biggest question who is the person and how important those person for Jonas to willing showing his dick? I'M JUST CURIOUS ABOUT It. but anyway its a beautiful scene.

Download the full video, click here.
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Angel Cassalas : The Charming Angel From Venezuela

Angel Cassalas is another hot male model from Venezuela, to think about this men I was really want to go to Venezuela, cause I think they have a lot of sexy men just like this hot hunk. I think why Venezuela have many beautiful women and beauty queen winner is because they had many good looking and sexy men in their countries. so the world should thanks to their men for giving many Venezuelan good genes in beauty, just like this sexy hunk, Angel Cassalas. I want to marry him!!

Angel's profile:
  • Full Name : Alirio Angel Cassalas
  • Age : 25 years old
  • Hometown : Barinas
  • Nationality : Venezuelan
  • Height : 6'1
  • Weight : 167 lbs
  • Hair : Short 
  • Eyes : Brown
  • Pageant Joined : Mr Barinas 2007 9Winner), Mr Handsome Venezuela 2007
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Fernando Casarin : Another The Boy Model

Fernando Casarin is another male model from Brazil. He was rose to fame after appear in Brazilian number one Gay magazine, Terra the Boy. Fernando was born in Sao Paolo. Beside modeling he also work as actor in his country. Casarin ambition is to become fame actor and hope will success in abroad. He well playing guitar and playing soccer. In spare time he love to work out and hang out with his friend. Just love his eyes!

Fernando's profile:
  • Full Name : Fernando Casarin
  • Birth Place : Sao Paolo
  • Age : 23 years old
  • Nationality : Brazilian
  • Height ; 511
  • Weight ; 167 lbs
  • Hair : Brunnete
  • Eyes : Hazel
  • Occupation : Actor,Model
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Caio De La Vega

Ciao De La Vega is another The Boy Magazine model, he was 24 years old , born and raised in Rio De Janeiro. Ciao now focus on to become another Brazilian male supermodel. I tell you, with that body I think its not so hard for him to achieve what he want. Brazil is a country of full of sexiest men , so I'm no shock with this men ambition. I hope I can see this being progress in the future, Cao Ciao!!

Caio's profile:
  • Full Name : Caio De La Vega
  • Birth Place : Rio De Janeiro
  • Age : 24 Years old
  • Nationality : Brazil
  • Height : 5'9
  • Weight : 165 lbs
  • Hair : Short Dark
  • Eyes : Hazel
  • Occupation : Model
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David Zepeda

Zepeda is Spanish word which is means Bicycle in English. You can ride anywhere, everywhere and anytime. But this Zepeda is diefferent, even tough we hope that we can "ride" him as we want but we can't. This Zepeda is strong, handsome, sexy, smolder and mouth-watering. Yups,who doesn't recognized this Mexican hunk, David Zepeda rose to fame after becoming first Runner Up of Manhunt International 2000 held in Singapore. On the contest Zepeda only lost crown favorite Brett Willson of Australia. But years after that we clear see that Zepeda had better Career than Wilson, so many assumed that he was the one deserved to win the title.

David is know recognized as one of top rated Telenovela actor alongside William Levy. In fact there's a video in Youtube showing both only wearing hot boxer hanging around in the pool, its so sexy, don't believe it? go see it on Youtube.

David's profile:
  • Full Name : David Zepeda Quintero
  • Birth Place : Nogales, Sonora
  • Date of Birth : 19 September 1974
  • Nationality : Mexican
  • Height : 6'1
  • Weight : 170 lbs
  • Hair : Long Dark
  • Eyes : Brown
  • Occupation : Model, Actor,Pageant
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Bernie Paz

Even tough I don't like old hunks but I think I should post about this hunky!. Bernie Paz is an actor from Peru, he was born in Lima Peru. Not like others famous actor fate, Bernie who had real name Bernardo Paz, didn't have any interest to enter Entertainment world in the beginning. His childhood ambition is to becoming Diplomat and already been study Political Science and Hebrew language in a University in Israel.

He rose to fame after staring a Telenovela Title "Tierra de Passiones" along with the new Telenovela Queen from Venezuela Gabriela Spanic. In 2011 Both Actors also meet in new drama series called "Emperatris". Bernie now resides in Miami, Florida. He married to Shirley Bulge, an actress and TV Host from his country Peru, both had a daughter Name Miranda Paz. Check this "old but hot" hunk picture below.

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Bernie Profile:
  • Full Name : Bernardo "Bernie" Paz
  • Birth Place : Lima, Peru
  • Birth Date : July 5, 1968
  • Nationality : Peruvian
  • Height : 6'1
  • Weight : 176 lbs
  • Hair : Black
  • Eyes : Black
  • Occupation : Actor
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