Bruno Kettels : Mister International 2009 Winner from Bolivia

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Bruno Kettels is the winner of Mister International 2009 in Singapore. He was Bolivian who work as model and study Civil Engineering in University of Bolivia. The 20 years old look so cute and chubby in every shoot he have. That's why I love him to win mister International, I think he deserved. A son from couple Bruno Kettels Sr and Anna Maria Torico have been immpressed the judges with his confident and smart brain. He was the firts Bolivian to win this prestige Pageant organized by Mister Singapore Organization.

I have to admit that Bruno is a typical good looking Hispanic hunk but believe or not he was a half French. Kettels surname is French name, well its clear his father was French. Bruno Now spend his time as Model working in Asia, in Miss Bride 2011 pageant held in Singapore, Bruno came up as a translator for Hispanic countries represents. Unfortunately many said Bruno's English wasn't great either so that's why many those contestant doesn't get the right question and Bruno itself hard to translated the Hispanic contestant answer.

Regardless of his bad English, I have to said I'm fall in love with this gut, not because his charming face and amazing body but because he has some persona who can make you fall in love with him. Most of Hispanic peoples have this persona, that's why I love them. They hot whatever they wear becoming unbelieveable sexy.

There's no information said that This 20 years old hottie have relationship with a girl, but I hope I can be his girlfriend :). Mi Amore Bruno! check his photos below.

Bruno Kettels Biography:
  • Full Name : Juan Bruno Kettels Torrico
  • Ages : 20
  • Nationality : Bolivian
  • Hobbies : Swimming, Playing Musical Instrumen and Singing
  • Occupation : Student, Model
  • Height : 5 Feet 11 Inches
  • Weight : 160 lbs
  • Titles : Mister Bolivia 2009(Winner), Mister International 2009 (Winner)

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