Daniel Villa

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Spain is the original country of Latinos peoples. this country is the most historical country in the world, this country is number one producing male beauty pageant. I guess Beauty King and Queen blood from Spain had been turning in to Latin America, they kids nation. one of most atlented and sexiest male model(and actor) that I recognized is Daniel Villa,from first saw I want thought he was David Villa(Mexican actor) little brother but I'm wrong. Well at least I'm liitle bit right because they born in in the same ancestor line.

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Daniel is one of greatest aspiring actor from his generation in Spain. his telenovelas had becoming worldwide popularity and gaining him as one of top male actor from Spain. Well I guest peoples watch his drama not only because his acting quality but rather than his good looks. I bet you will approved my statement from the pictures below with some sexy sex appeal from this gorgous actor. Oh...I love Daniel!!!

Daniel Villa Profile/Biodata:
  • Full Name : Daniel Villa
  • Ages : 23 Years Old
  • Nationality : Spanish
  • Hometown : Barcelona
  • Height : 5'11
  • Weight : 175 lbs
  • Hair : Dark
  • Eyes : Hazel
  • Occupation : Male Model, Actor

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EDWIN RINCON mengatakan...

he is from Colombia no Spain

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