Caio De La Vega

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Ciao De La Vega is another The Boy Magazine model, he was 24 years old , born and raised in Rio De Janeiro. Ciao now focus on to become another Brazilian male supermodel. I tell you, with that body I think its not so hard for him to achieve what he want. Brazil is a country of full of sexiest men , so I'm no shock with this men ambition. I hope I can see this being progress in the future, Cao Ciao!!

Caio's profile:
  • Full Name : Caio De La Vega
  • Birth Place : Rio De Janeiro
  • Age : 24 Years old
  • Nationality : Brazil
  • Height : 5'9
  • Weight : 165 lbs
  • Hair : Short Dark
  • Eyes : Hazel
  • Occupation : Model
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