Aitor Mateo Pose With a Snake

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Do you remember, my last posting about Aitor Mateo, the perfect sample of Adam? yes now he posed with a snake, an animal who make he and his wife expelled from heaven. I think this they gonna be a great couple since Adam and snake is enemy according Biblical story. Just joking : ), this shoot actually a hunks calendars, I mean this shoot for Calendars.

 Actually if you look detail, you will see that Aitor wearing a speedos, so he wasn't n4ked. He is a hunks in speedos. But I'm affraid that snake will meet his brother under Aitor's sexy underwear : ) do you know what I mean? It's will be interesting if that snake fight with Aitor's snake. What you thinks?
Actually I'm jealous with the snake, he hold up Mateo so closely. He grabbed Aitor' body and feel the his muscle, what a gay dream. Hmm... I started to thinking that Snakes is Gayest reptiles. But I don't blame the snake, cause I think Aitor is unbelievable sexy. I think everybody who look this picture will wish that they that snake. Whoah, I'm boring now.

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