Alan Valdez : Mexican Sexiest Men

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If you watching television about Mexico, you must be bored because all news about this exotic country is Arizona Immigration Law. You know the law which prohibited illegal immigrant to enter USA. For this issue I have no comment because I don't understand what the problem.

Yes What's problem to accept all Mexican peoples? I mean they are hot just like our Mexican hunks, Alan Valdez. It's so complicated to described this young men. He was so cute, sexy and open. and one thing he was religious person. Let's see his photos.

Don't ever messed up with this sexy Mexican men, he was number one in term sexy men in undies. He's only 22 years old but unfortunately he was taken. Well one thing that you should know, Alan Valdez married because to avoid free seks, he was an Catholic guy just like Mexican in generally. I give him an applause because did that. 

He know live in Miami, Florida. Have been competed in Male model Universe where he place runner up. Valdez was former junior bodybuilder and becoming interesting in Modeling. It's so special once he asked by someone what his motivation to be a male model. He answered:
I have what it takes to be top male model, I hope one day I becoming Mexican male top model
Yes Alan I'm sure you have what it takes to be sexy guy. I think now you should be considered since you already prove to the world when placed second in Male Model Universe. Good job. You guys must want to know more about this hunks, well check his biography below.

Alan Valdez Biography:
  • Full name : Alan Valdez
  • Nickname : Alan
  • Hometown: Mexico
  • Resident : Miami, Florida
  • Status : Married
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Music : Reggaetone, Techno, RnB
  • Movies : 300, Goal, Forrest Gump
  • Actor : Gerald Butler, Tom Hanks
  • Actress : Julia Roberts, Anne Hatheaway
  • Occupation : Model
  • Height : 5"11
  • Body Type : Body Builder

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