Carlos Omar Rivera : Another Prince Charming From Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is one of the best country who produces many hottest hunk on the planet. I couldn't imagine why all of them is so sexy. They pageant contestant is full of quality men, do you remember Mister Puerto Rico 2009, Heri Quiles who won Mister International Model 2009 in Ecuador? Well Now, they Got another aero hunk,his name is Carlos Omar Rivera.

Carlos Omar Rivera is actually the winner of Mister Puerto Rico 2008 pageant but he becoming famous in 2010. He represent Puerto Rico in several international pageant but didn't won any of them. Check this hot hunks in speedos below.

For me His look and his body just average but I heard he was get huge success taking job as male model. i give him 7 for his body and 6 for his face. I wonder why he wore so much male model makeup? It's make him more unnatural. Check his biography below:

Carlos Omar Rivera :
  • Full name : Carlos Omar Rivera
  • Nick Name :Carlitos
  • Place/Date Birth : Puerto Rico/ 12 May 1985
  • Hobby : Volleyball Swimming, Cycling
  • Occupation : Model, Spokeperson, Enviromentalist
  • Advertisement : Anthony Quintana Underwear Line
  • Winner : Mister Puerto Rico 2009

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