Juan David Posada

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Juan David Posada is male model who was born in Medelin, Colombia. I would tell you he was born in the same town as Juan Pablo Londono was born : In Medelin, Colombia. This sexy Hot Colombian men was a soccer player before. But he not quite success on those sport. Many injuries make this sexy blue blond hunk switch his career to becomes a male model after someone told him to do so.

Juan describe himself as warrior and strong person, he now enjoyed living and worked as model. He travelled many countries because of his new career. This young hot latino hunk becoming one of top paid male model in Colombia, America and Europe. You can see many of his picture in several top magazine some of big Fashion house such as Armani and Gucci. in spare time Posada like to plays soccer with his friend.

Posada's profile / bio data:
  • Full name : Juan David Posada
  • Place of Birth : Medelin
  • Date of Birth : 14 July, 1984
  • Nationality : Colombia
  • Height : 6'0
  • Weight : 178 lbs
  • Hair : Long Blond 
  • Eyes : Blue
  • Occupation : Male model, Football Player

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