Adam Garcia

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Adam Garcia is Australian Actor who getting fame after staring hot teen movie called "Coyote Ugly". This movie is about night club girls who spending their time as some waitress and juts kind of stuff like that. A lof of sexy scene and more but one thing is attract me more than those girls : Adam Garcia dancing pole. Ha...ha.. I don't know if you ever watch "Coyote Ugly", Adam look amazing and sexy, damn that was the first time I saw a men dancing sexy.

Adam was born in Australia from Colombian father and Australian mother, he begin his career as dancer and get Australia's media attention after dancing some John Travolta's signature dance on "Grease" called Friday night fever. I was thought he was a gay but nope he was so masculine to called a gay. Adam was spend his teen age time in London, UK . On UK he study dancing and acting and after graduated he back to Australia to pursue his dream as actor, dancer and singer.

Adam' profile/bio data:
  • Full Name : Adam Gabriel Garcia
  • Birth of Place : Wahroonga , New South Wales
  • Date of birth : June 1, 1973
  • Nationality : Australia
  • Height : 6'0
  • Weight : 178 lbs
  • Hair : Brunette
  • Eyes : Blue
  • Occupation : Actor, Singer, Dancer

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