Nomis Chancamire

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Nomis Chancamire is sexy male model from Venezuela who got famous on the net after joined the Mister Venezuela 2005 Pageant held in Caracas, Venezuela. He represent Nueva Esparta at the pageant. Nomis have unique physique, if you look ate his picture you will know what I mean. Nomis Chanchamire is mixed, his father was Black Venezuelan and his mother Blancos or White Venezuelan. You can see how amazing Nomis was, He look like Black in general but his eyes so blue. That's fantastic. This men definitely had seduced me down.

Nomis profile:
  • Full Name : Nomis Chanchamire
  • Age : 23 years old
  • Nationality : Venezuela
  • Height : 5'9
  • Height : 167 lbs
  • Hair : Bald
  • Eyes : Blue
  • Occupation : Model
  • Pageant Joined : Mr Nueva Esparta 2005 (Winner), Mister Venezuela 2005

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