Pedro Palacio

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Pedro Palacio is model and top actor from Colombia. He was born In Baranquilla, 7 June 1984. He was get famous after playing in A Colombian soap opera / Telenovela called " Juergos Prohibido", playing a protagonist role as "Carlos Fransisco". Right after that, he played in other many Colombian soap opera, made him as one of the best new comer actor.

But even though those Drama made him famous, he unlucky got his leg beak after playing hard scene of the drama.But that's paid off after he get award as best new actor for "Juergos Prohibido".

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Pedro Palacio's profile / biography:
  • Full Name : Pedro Palacio
  • Place of birth : Baranquilla
  • Date Of Birth : June 14th, 1978
  • Nationality : Colombian / Colombia
  • Height : 5'8
  • Weight : 176 lbs
  • Hair : Dark
  • Eyes : Black
  • Occupation : Actor, model

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