Jencarlos Canela : The Most Beautiful Men In The World (My Favorite!)

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If you ask that who is my favorite Hispanic hunk? well this men probably the answer. His name Jencarlos Canela. Canela is male model, actor and singer from Cuba. He was born in Miami, Florida but Raised in Cuba but moved with his family back to Miami, Florida when he still 10 years old. He started his career when he still 10 years old, Right after he and his family back to His birth town. He doing child modeling at that time but its look like modeling not only his passion, at 11 Jencarlo also show his another talent : Singing. He show his new talent in many family gathering, and relatives birthday.

At the ages 12, Jeancarlos joined the Boy Group called "Boom Boom Pop", and he was appointed as the lead singer. Can you imagine that? at the very young age this sexy Young Cuban hunk was very professional at the early of his career.after the success on the Boy Group, Jencarlos take his career to next level as he starting a solo career in 2002. since then his career becoming unstoppable, he appear in many famous event such final night both Miss World 2004 and Miss World 2005 pageant. I wonder why the official Miss World organization invited him twice as the main singer, he probably doing good job at the event. He also appear in many famous annually festival including The Latin Fiesta Festival in Toronto, Canada, The "Calhe Ocho" Festival in Miami and many more.

Jencarlos proved himself that he not only beautiful outside but also inside, it was proved when he received "The Voice of Children" in 2006 by Nationally recognized organization which help many unlucky and abused children. This men showing again that he aware of what happen out there, especially what happen to many children in the world. He always participated in Many charity event for example recently Jencarlos appear in may event organized by The League Against Cancer in USA.

His beautiful physique and heart makes the famous Automobile maker "Ford Motor" contract him as their new face, and added him and his music in New For television commercial ads called "Ride It Like A ford". He himself created the idea and the song, so he probably get many exposure for this. Well that proved, Jencalos Voted as the Most Beautiful Latin Men by People Espanol Magazine in 2011. In 2010 he also picked as the most beautiful Latin Men in the world by Imagen Magazine. Well you know, that this me was really deserved of status that he had. I'm happy to said that he was my favorite Hispanic Hunks so that's why I placed him as the 100th Post of My Blog. I and him also shared same similarity, we both born on month of April. He was born at 21th April, meanwhile I was born at 23th April. can you see we just 2 days different of age. I love it, he just like my long lost brother.:)

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Jencarlos Canela's profile/biography:
  • Full Name : Jean Carlos Canela
  • Nickname : Jencarlos
  • Place of Birth : Miami,Florida
  • Date of Birth : April 21, 1988
  • Nationality : Cuban / American
  • Height : 6'0
  • Weight : 172 lbs
  • Hair : Brunette
  • Eyes : Green
  • Occupation : Singer, Model, Actor
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