Carlos Ponce

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Carlos Ponce is male model, actor, singer, composer and TV host from Puerto Rico. He was born in Santurce, a city in Puerto Rico at 4 September 1972. I know him from Miss Universe pageant 2006 when he was the host along with a girl host from Hollywood Access. At the firts time I saw him I'm not impressed at all but after I search more his pictures I found this men have beautiful angelic face. His eyes is blown me alongside his tanned skin makes this hot Puerto Rican hunks becoming as everybody fantasy.

Carlos was born in Santurce from couple of Carlos Ponce St and Esther Freyre, they was emigrated from Cuba to Florida right after the Cuban Revolution. After Ponce birth his family moved again to Humacao , a place where Carlos mostly live in his teenage life. Carlos always called as "Carlitos" in his childhood.

Carlos begin his career as actor when he play a role in a soap opera titled "Fuege El La Sangre" along with telenovela super stars Adela Noriega and Eduardi Yanez. In 1998, Emilio Estefan (Gloria Estefan's brother) signed Carlos to signing a record contract. Making his first debut album self title with three song Ponce's made it himself on the Album. In Sumarize Ponce had been record 5 album and landed 3 number one singles in Latin Pop 100 Billboard Charts. Ponce had been married and have 4 children, two of them was twin.

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Carlos Ponce's profile/biography:
  • Full Name : Carlos Armando Ponce Jr
  • Place of Birth : Santurce
  • Date of Birth :September 4, 1972
  • Nationality : Puerto Rico
  • Height : 5'9
  • Weight : 170 lbs
  • Hair : Short Blond
  • Eyes : Blue
  • Occupation : Singer,Actor,TV Personality
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