Aitor Ocio

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Aitor Ocio is football player who took central defender position on Altetico Bilbao team at Spanih League, La Liga. Ocio is was born November 28, 1978 in Vitoria Gasteiz. He was named as the sexiest football player by women magazine or Gay site. Ocio is previously played for Sevilla FC but transferred to Alteltico Bilbao because have probalem with Sevilla management. He was named the most dangerous central defender ever. His lethal weapon was the powerful free kick.

When talking about sexy side of him, he always take his shirt off when the game was over. Of course this was the biggest opportunities by photographer to take his sexy moment. No wonder Ocio named as the most sexiest football player from Spain. You know so many hot sexy men in Spain league, so its not easy to take status as the sexiest football player, this fact makes this hot Spanish men even more vulnerable.
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Aitor Ocio's profile/biography:
  • Full name : Aitor Ocio
  • Birth of Place: Vitoria-Gasteiz
  • Date of Birth : 28 November 1978
  • Nationality : Spain
  • Height : 6'2
  • Weight : 178 lbs
  • Hair : Blonde
  • Eyes : Blue
  • Occupation : Soccer Player (Central defender)

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