Mark Sanchez Looking Hot in GQ

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If though I don't like watching any sport including American Football. I would say that I love watching The Football now, not because the game but the men. One Hispanic player that blown my mind all this time is Mark Sanchez. On GQ September issue, Sanchez becoming the Cover Men on that magazine and he got some sexy pose to show.

Mark Sanchez was Quarterback for New York Jets. Even though Football producing many hot hunk but we rarely seeing any Football player willing to be a model and posing sexy for a magazine. So I have to said that I''m appreciate Sanchez effort to fulfill my dream.LOL.

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But unfortunately his nice effort was mocked by fellow football player, Aaron Rogers. I don't know is Roger was but I'm sure he was one jealous hater who feel unsecured about his body. and then he saw Sanchez showing some sexy picture on High Class magazine and his insecurities becoming bad and bad, poor Rogers, I hope he in better place right know.

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