Rafael Cardoso

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Rafael Cardoso is Brazilian actor who get famous after playing a role in a Controversial Brazilian film. The film called "Do Comego Ai Fim". Thie movie is about love affair between to brother. Geezz...what kind movie of that, I was thought Brock back Mountain is really controversial but gay love affair with your own brother??? are this joke. No, I tell you there are many pictures showing his "Making love" scene from this movie. I was thought that not sexy at all, almost disgusting.

Rafael Cardoso's profile / biography:
  • Full name : Rafael Cardoso
  • Birth of Place : Porto Alegre, Rio Grande Do Soul
  • Date of Birth : November 17, 1985
  • Nationality : Brazil / Brazilian
  • Height : 5'10
  • Weight : 170 lbs
  • Eyes : Blue
  • Hair : Brunette Curly
  • Occupation : Actor

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