Eduardo Verastegui

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Eduardo Verastegui is male model, actor and singer from Mexico. He was born in Mante, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Eduardo was one of my favorite actor from Mexico. The reason why Love him is because he was a devout Catholic and he also always involved in any social charity. Eduardo was moving to Mexico city from his hometown to pursuing his modeling career and yes he got some major job partner just such Calvin Klein and many more. Eduardo also singing, he was a member of Mexican Boyband called "Kairo". The group had got success in many Latin countries and USA, selling more than 20 Million records worldwide.

Beside modeling and singing career in his early, Eduardo also known as his acting skill. He was appeared in many top rated Mexican Telenovelas, that's including my favorite soap opera called "Chabelita". He also appear in Jennifer Lopez number one hit Music video "Ain't it funny" where in the video Eduardo playing a Gypsy sexy men. He was hot on that Video!.

In 2003 Eduardo cross over his acting career, playing in Hollywood Movie "'Chasing Papi", the movie doing well and grossed $ 12 Million Worldwide. Its another proof that Eduardo is a multi talent artist. He also appear in world praising movie called "Bella", many movie critic said this movie number one in that year. Bellas giving Eduardo an an award from Toronto Film Festival.

In 2010 he was Gossiped as ex-boyfriend from self-admitted Gay singer, Ricky Martin. Eduardo denied the rumor and state that he was a normal gay. In fact he was endorsing many Anti-Gay marriage called "Proportion 8" which made Gay communities especially the Latino one outburst. The Gays community alleged Verastagui as "betrayer" because his career made by Gays. Many of his fan was Gays, Perez Hilton said. But it do not made Eduardo down, he keep continue to support Republican Party .

Eduardo Verastegui's profile/ biography:
  • Full name : Jose Eduardo Verastegui Cordoba
  • Birth of Place : Mante, Tamaulipas
  • Date of Birth : May 21, 1974
  • Nationality : Mexico / Mexican
  • Height : 6'0
  • Weight : 178 lbs
  • Hair : Brunette
  • Eyes : Green
  • Occupation : Actor, Model and Singer

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