Mario Vasquez : Hispanic Idol Hunk

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Mario Vasquez is a American singer who come to rose after appear in American Singing competition "American Idol" season 4. Honetsly I don't like this guy, the reason I hate this hunk not because he ugly but because he was accused abused a women named Magdaleno Olmos when still In American Idol. Olmos herself was American Idol and Freemantle staff and she said Mario was sexually assaulted her. I think this men is arrogant, I can see from his face and aura. I can't stand with him, and I'm glad because his career not long last. I think is karma for him. so Mario, Bye Bye!!

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Mario Vasquez biography/profile:
  • Full Name : Mario Adrian Vasquez
  • Place of Birth : Bronx, New York City
  • Date of Birth : 7 June 1977
  • Nationality : American
  • Height : I don't care!
  • Weight : I don't care
  • Hair : Stupid Curly
  • Eyes : I just wanna punch him!
  • Occupation : Street Walker
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