Carlos Mendez : Cuban Hunk

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Carlos Mendez is male model from Havana, Cuba. He was born in Havana but moved with his family to Miami when he was 10 years old. Carlos is probably another Cuban sexy model who always appeared in Many gay magazine such as Perf, DNA and many more. He was now living and work in Miami Florida as freelance model, He don't signed any contract with any Model Management so far, so it was a chance for any Model Management to get this Cuban Hunk to their money machine hunks. Check his sexy pictures below!

Carlos Mendez's profile/biography:
  • Full Name : Carlos Mendez
  • Hometown: Havana
  • Age : 24 years old
  • Nationality : Cuba
  • Height : 5'11
  • Weight : 175 lbs
  • Hair : Short Dark
  • Eyes : Black
  • Occupation : Model
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